June 23, 2024

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AI-powered creativity in gaming: Xbox joins forces with Inworld AI

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AI-powered creativity in gaming: Xbox joins forces with Inworld AI

Xbox has teamed up with Inworld AI to develop AI-powered tools that promise to transform the landscape of game development. According to VentureBeat, the multi-year partnership aims to infuse video game creation with AI-inspired innovation. The collaboration will roll out tools to help creators craft stories, dialogues, and quests.

Inworld AI, a generative AI startup recently valued at $500 million, is set to bring its experience to the table. Moreover, the company’s recent $50 million funding shows the industry’s confidence in AI’s role in shaping the future of gaming.

Haiyan Zhang, Xbox’s general manager of gaming AI, emphasized the partnership’s commitment to creating an accessible, multi-platform AI toolset. This aligns with Xbox’s mission to provide cutting-edge AI for game developers worldwide, aiming to simplify the development process and encourage innovation across the gaming industry.

Introducing new AI tools

The collaboration between Xbox and Inworld AI will introduce two pivotal tools:

  • AI Design Copilot: This tool supports game designers in fleshing out their creative visions, transforming prompts into elaborate scripts, dialogue trees, and quests.
  • AI Character Runtime Engine: Integrated directly into game clients, this engine enables dynamic narratives, allowing for stories and conversations that adapt in real-time to player interactions.

During the crucial preproduction phase, the AI co-pilot developed by Xbox and Inworld will alleviate time and resource limitations, letting developers to release games more swiftly while creating richer, more immersive worlds and stories.

What’s next for AI and gaming

A significant innovation lies in the AI Character Runtime Engine’s ability to elevate non-player characters. Beyond repetitive dialogues, this engine will allow NPCs to respond dynamically to players’ actions, enhancing the gaming experience and engagement.

AI’s role in gaming is set to expand beyond traditional applications, with large language models and generative AI paving the way for more profound storytelling and character interaction. Bing Gordon, an Inworld advisor and Electronic Arts co-founder, sees AI as key to immersive gaming experiences.

Furthermore, Inworld AI has led the charge in adding AI into gaming. For example, it has worked with major names like NetEase Games, Niantic, and Unity.

The Xbox and Inworld AI partnership marks a major step in game development. It uses AI to open up new creative possibilities and reshape gaming experiences.

In sum, this collaboration signals a new gaming era as AI improves gameplay and become integral to game creation. The gaming world awaits the innovative outcomes of this tech and creativity blend.

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