June 23, 2024

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Anthropic’s Claude Teams and iOS App: The secure, scalable solution for enterprise AI adoption

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Anthropic's Claude Teams and iOS App: The secure, scalable solution for enterprise AI adoption

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Anthropic, a startup at the forefront of developing safe and responsible artificial intelligence systems, today announced the release of Claude Teams, a new offering aimed at helping enterprises securely scale their adoption of generative AI technology. The company also launched its first mobile app, bringing the power of its flagship Claude AI assistant to iOS devices.

The moves represent an important milestone for Anthropic as it looks to make its advanced language models more accessible to businesses. Anthropic has already seen significant traction among enterprise customers, including leading companies in highly-regulated industries like healthcare and finance.

“2023 was really this era of experimentation — businesses were saying ‘wow, generative AI is so powerful, what should we do with it?’” said Daniela Amodei, president and co-founder of Anthropic, in an interview with VentureBeat. “What we’ve seen in 2024 is much stronger opinions from customers about what they need generative AI to do for them and their businesses.”

A paradigm shift in enterprise AI adoption

Anthropic’s Claude AI system has emerged as a compelling alternative to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, offering robust language understanding and generation capabilities with a strong emphasis on safety and reliability. With Claude Teams, the company aims to give businesses more control over how they utilize and manage the technology.

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The Teams plan provides enterprise customers with increased usage limits, access to the full suite of Claude models, support for larger context windows, and administrative tools for overseeing usage within an organization. “Customers have really been saying, ‘hey, interacting directly with Claude, but in a way where we control the tap — it’s secure, we feel comfortable putting more private data in there — has been a huge selling point,’” Amodei said.

Trust and safety at the core

Anthropic has made trust and safety a core tenet of its approach to AI development. The company employs techniques like “constitutional AI” to bake guardrails and human values into its models from the ground up. It also has a “responsible scaling” policy requiring new models to meet certain technical safety and security requirements before release.

“There are very important infrastructure and trust and safety layers that a normal tech company adds on later than it should,” Amodei told VentureBeat. “At Anthropic, trust and safety has been a founding principle of the technology at every stage of development.”

Broad adoption across industries

While tech giants like Microsoft, Meta and Google have dominated the conversation around generative AI, Anthropic has quietly built a substantial business supplying its models to other companies. Its customers span sectors from healthcare and finance to technology and beyond.

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is using Claude through Amazon’s Bedrock service to more easily analyze troves of scientific data. “We have heard that a huge selling point for Opus [Anthropic’s largest model] is the ability to do deeper analysis of core work, like looking for genetic correlations with markers of cancer,” Amodei said. Anthropic also counts the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and startup Genomics England among its healthcare customers.

Financial services firms, which have been among the quickest to experiment with generative AI, are turning to Anthropic’s models to streamline tasks like writing analyst reports, drafting emails to clients, and answering customer support queries.

Anthropic also has an impressive roster of customers in the technology industry itself, including Salesforce, Asana, Quora, Zoom, and Notion. Many are using Claude to enhance their own products with AI-powered features.

Cementing its enterprise leadership position

The release of Claude Teams and the new iOS app marks an important step for Anthropic as it looks to cement its position as the go-to enterprise provider of advanced AI systems. The company has already built significant momentum, and these latest moves could help propel it to even greater heights as the race to adopt generative AI accelerates.

“Opus is just sort of an extension of this expansion of choice and opportunity for businesses that are already trying to scale their usage of generative AI,” Amodei said. With Claude Teams, Anthropic is betting that a robust, secure, and easy-to-use offering will prove a winning formula as enterprises embrace this transformative technology.

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