June 12, 2024

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Apple grants some iPhone 14 users an extra year of Emergency SOS via satellite for free

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Apple grants some iPhone 14 users an extra year of Emergency SOS via satellite for free

iPhone 14 Emergency SOS via Satellite


On the first anniversary of Apple releasing its emergency service, Emergency SOS via satellite, the company is offering one extra free year of Emergency SOS to existing iPhone 14 users.

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Emergency SOS debuted alongside the release of the iPhone 14. The feature allows users to contact emergency services outside of cellular or Wi-Fi coverage. If users were in danger, they could use their iPhone 14 to send messages to emergency services via satellites in Earth’s orbit.

When Apple released the service, the company stated that all iPhone 14 users would have two free years of Emergency SOS. Until today, iPhone 14 users would have to pay for the service beginning Nov. 15, 2024. 

Apple has not disclosed how much Emergency SOS will cost or if the company will charge users a monthly or annual Emergency SOS fee in the future.

However, paying for Emergency SOS is not a concern right now, as Apple extended access to the services for an extra year. The extension allows all iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 users to access the service for free until November 2025. 

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If you bought and activated an iPhone 14 before Nov. 15, 2023, your device is eligible for the extra free year of Emergency SOS. Roadside assistance in partnership with AAA via satellite is also free for two years on iPhone 14 and iPhone 15. The two-year clock on the roadside assistance service begins once you activate your device.

Emergency SOS allows users to connect with emergency services when they don’t have Wi-Fi or cellular activity, making it a lifesaving service for those affected by accidents in remote areas or natural disasters.

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