June 12, 2024

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Barbecue Inside With GE Profile’s New Indoor Smart Smoker, the First of Its Kind

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Barbecue Inside With GE Profile's New Indoor Smart Smoker, the First of Its Kind

Smoking brisket, salmon, chicken and ribs no longer requires an outdoor smoking section. GE Profile just launched a smart indoor smoker ahead of the CES 2024 trade show, which will be held in Las Vegas next week. The smoker is safe to use inside, allowing for year-round smoking in homes and apartments without space to accommodate an outdoor model. It’s one of only a few indoor smokers and the first with true smart features and remote app control.

Unlike traditional outdoor smokers and pellet grills, no significant amount of smoke escapes the chamber of GE Profile’s new appliance, which is sized to live on your countertop. Instead, wood-pellet smoke is filtered through an advanced catalyst converter, allowing heat and smoke-flavored hot air to cook and add flavor to the food inside. There are no filters to clean or replace.

hand turning knob on smoker

The indoor smoker allows for custom control of temperature and smoke intensity for precision cooking.

GE Profile

CNET was invited to view the indoor smoker in action at an exclusive preview event in New York last month. As billed, the indoor smoker cooked various types of meats from smoke powered by wood pellets with just a few swirls of visible smoke inside and without releasing any plumes. After a cooking cycle is finished, you can open the smoker’s doors and only a faint smell of smoke, akin to a wood stove fire, is emitted. 

The electric smoker is fueled by wood pellets and pumps filtered smoke into a tightly sealed chamber where it cooks food and imparts smokey flavor to meats, fish, vegetables and whatever else you can fit inside the modestly sized chamber. Five adjustable smoke levels allow would-be pitmasters to tinker with smoke intensity on various foods. A smart app integration features dozens of recipes and allows the smoker to be controlled and monitored remotely. A built-in probe helps to nail the perfect cooking times and temps.

The Indoor Smoker isn’t cheap, retailing for $1,000 at select national retailers, including Best Buy and Williams Sonoma. The innovative kitchen appliance first attracted attention and more than $800,000 in funding during an online crowdfunding campaign in 2022. 

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