June 23, 2024

Mikayla Macfarlane

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How to tighten your security in Microsoft Edge

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How to tighten your security in Microsoft Edge

Next, Edge provides an enhanced security mode to further protect you from malware and other threats. Turn on the switch forĀ Enhance your security on the web, and you can choose from two different levels — Balanced or Strict.

Balanced enables security protection for sites not frequently visited and should work with most websites. Strict turns on security protection for all websites but may cause conflicts with certain sites or parts of sites.

If you need the highest level of protection, you can start with Strict and see if the sites you visit still fully work. If you bump into too many obstacles, then go down to the Balanced level.

If you do opt for the Balanced level, you may want to turn on the switch for Always use “Strict” level of enhanced security when browsing InPrivate for greater protection when browsing sites in private mode.

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