June 20, 2024

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It will see a limited release in the US as part of a ‘developer program.’

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It will see a limited release in the US as part of a 'developer program.'

Nothing announced that it will reveal its latest Phone 2a on March 5th, but there’s a not-great surprise for American fans of the product. Rather than being released officially like the Phone 2, the device will come to the US as part of a “developer program.” That sounds a lot like the way it released the original Phone 1, which was sold for $299 stateside under a similar-sounding “Beta Membership” program.

The company didn’t reveal any images of the device or pricing, but the company may use a simplified Phone 2 esthetic. That unique design was a standout feature thanks to the transparent Gorilla Glass back, 11 LED “Glyph” strips, a metal frame and curved edges.

The Phone 2a is rumored to be a budget version of the Phone 2, which cost $600. In a teaser video, the company questioned how it could make it “cheaper” and also mentioned that it has made better supplier connections so it can pass the savings onto consumers. Earlier rumors peg the European price around €400 ($430), with the savings chalked up in part to a cheaper MediaTek Dimensity 7200 processor.

The same rumors suggests it’ll have a simplified interface with fewer LED strips, plus dual cameras centered at the top like eyes on a head (backed up somewhat by Nothing’s “See the world through fresh eyes,” as The Verge points out). Sketches shown in Nothing’s release video appear to back up that claim. We may learn more soon, as Nothing is holding a press conference in Barcelona for Mobile World Conference (MWC) on February 27th.

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