June 16, 2024

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Presidents’ Day deal: Save $2,300 on the EcoFlow Delta Pro portable power station

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Presidents' Day deal: Save $2,300 on the EcoFlow Delta Pro portable power station

EcoFlow DELTA Pro

Save $2,300 on this Delta Pro bundle. 

David Gewirtz/ZDNET

If you’ve been looking for a portable power station, you know that they are not cheap. That’s why it’s a great time to jump on a deal if you see one — and right now, you can get the EcoFlow Delta Pro portable power station and a Delta Pro smart extra battery for only $3,499 ahead of Presidents’ Day 2024. That’s a savings of over $2,000. 

The Delta Pro battery generator provides 3600W of AC output, and can be put that to use to keep your devices running for hours on end. Portable power stations like the Delta Pro make great purchases for emergencies, or for those who live in areas which experience frequent power outages. 

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Delta generators like the Pro aren’t just useful for powering your everyday essentials. “Each generator has about 15 sockets and can charge all sorts of items, from your phone to your freezer (so you don’t lose expensive food in an outage) to your coffee maker (so you can be human in an outage),” said ZDNET’s expert reviewer David Gewirtz. 

Gewirtz, who has tested many different portable power stations, including the Delta Pro, said that power stations are also great for uses that may be unseen upon first glance. 

“One particularly interesting use I’ve been hearing about lately is that contractors are taking them along to their job sites to power tools like table and miter saws or charge the batteries for their cordless tools. The Delta generators are lightweight compared to gas-powered generators. If you’re working in a shed or a building not yet connected to the grid, you can get a lot of work done where previously you’d need wall power,” Gewirtz said. 

If you’re in the market for a portable power station, take advantage of this EcoFlow bundle and save yourself a few grand while you still can. 

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