June 16, 2024

Mikayla Macfarlane

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The 16 best early Black Friday robot vacuum deals

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The 16 best early Black Friday robot vacuum deals

  • Current price: $500
  • Original price: $800

If you’re in the market for a two-in-one robot vacuum and mop, the Roomba Combo j5+ is on sale this holiday season. With its PrecisionVision Navigation and built-in camera that photographs objects that are in its path, this is one of the more intelligent machines you can buy. As a working parent, I don’t always have time to pick my house up before running a robot vacuum, and with iRobot’s AI technology, you don’t have to. Roombas can detect and avoid up to 80 household items, including pet waste, socks, shoes, and cords.

The Combo j5+ is equipped with the Clean Base, meaning the robot will self-empty as needed throughout the duration of a job. iRobot sells their own cleaning solution, so that is an added, reoccurring cost, but I prefer this method as opposed to “cleaning” with just water. As you’re setting up your home’s map, you’ll add “no mop zones” over carpet and rugs to help the Combo j5+ successfully complete its job without ruining your soft floors.

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