June 12, 2024

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The 5 biggest headphones trends that you’ll be hearing more about in 2024

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The 5 biggest headphones trends that you'll be hearing more about in 2024

Qualcomm has been manufacturing chips for some of the most recognizable headphone brands, including Bose, Audio-Technica, Jabra, Edifier, and Anker. Naturally, the chipmaker owns several highly-adopted Bluetooth codecs, the most advanced being the Qualcomm aptX Adaptive codec.

Thanks to the technology, users can enjoy low-latency listening, and we expect the company to build on the codec in 2024. Just a few months ago, Qualcomm announced two new audio chips and platforms promising high bit-rate audio via Bluetooth connectivity. Lossless audio (CD-quality audio) is currently unachievable over a Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth cannot transmit data at the appropriate speeds for lossless playback. However, Qualcomm says its S7 Pro audio platform will equip your headphones with Wi-Fi, and lossless listening can occur without wires.

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Last year, Bluetooth SIG, the association that oversees Bluetooth protocols, announced a new set of specifications that define a new audio technology: LE Audio.

LE Audio operates on the Bluetooth Low Energy radio and includes a new codec called LC3. LC3 promises high-quality audio streaming and lower power consumption. LE Audio also introduced a new feature called Auracast, which allows one audio source to broadcast to unlimited devices. For example, multiple smartphones can connect to one Bluetooth speaker and simultaneously stream audio.

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Expect more consumer audio companies to equip their Bluetooth speakers with Auracast, allowing multiple speakers to stream audio from one device and decreasing the need to buy one bulky speaker to get the party going.

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