June 12, 2024

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Wake up gently with this sunrise alarm clock, now $30 off for October Prime Day

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Wake up gently with this sunrise alarm clock, now $30 off for October Prime Day

Person in bed pushing a button on a lit-up Hatch Restore 2 device on a nightstand

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Like most people, I have a hard time falling asleep at night and waking up in the mornings. My nightly routine consists of either scrolling through my phone in bed or falling asleep to the sounds of Netflix. And my morning routine isn’t much better: I go from snoozing the alarm to checking my work emails within seconds.

But there is one gadget that has managed to improve my sleep hygiene: The Hatch Restore 2

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This alarm clock lets you choose nightly or morning routines, complete with soothing soundscapes and customizable lights. While it’s normally $200, you can get it for $170 during Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days event (just don’t forget to apply the $30 coupon before adding it to your cart). 

Starting a half hour before my set alarm, the device gradually increases its sunrise lamp, making me feel like I’m waking up with the warm sun on my face (rather than waking up on a rainy day in Chicago).

Then, the alarm itself is a soothing choice of sound bowls, birds chirping, or ocean waves — all of which are less jarring than a siren alarm going off.

The Restore 2’s “Morning Moments” take place after your alarm goes off, and this was perhaps my favorite feature. Morning Moments range from motivational talks to easy meditations, which sets a positive and motivational tone for your day.

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While costly, I’d argue that this alarm clock is worth it if you’re serious about changing your sleep schedule for the better, and it’s absolutely a superior option to the standard alarm clock or your smartphone’s alarm. If you’ve been wanting to try out a sunrise alarm clock, there’s no better time than now since you can get $30 off the Hatch Restore 2 for October Prime Day. 

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