June 12, 2024

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Microsoft showcases next-generation AI and computing at Nvidia GTC

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Microsoft showcases next-generation AI and computing at Nvidia GTC

Presented by Microsoft

“The promise of AI” has always been about big ideas and far-flung possibilities – until now. The number of new,  innovative and practical use cases are piling up. Businesses that were out of the gate first are seeing real ROI from their AI leaps of faith and are eager to take the next jump ahead, while many businesses at the AI starting gate are now ready to go all in. Today AI transformation is possible for businesses at every stage and size.

Four avenues are particularly ready for what Microsoft calls “pragmatic innovation”: enriching employee experiences, reinventing customer engagement, reshaping business processes and bending the curve on innovation. Hear how Microsoft is helping organizations around the world achieve more with AI in this video.

At the Nvidia GTC AI Conference, Microsoft leaders will be on deck, both in-person and virtually, to showcase cutting-edge AI solutions and technology and best practices and help companies realize their AI potential.

Nvidia GTC takes place March 18 – 21 in San Jose, CA and virtually. In person and on-demand sessions, live discussions and hands-on demos will offer a look at the core Azure AI services and technologies that power some of the world’s largest and most complex AI models and applications, plus insight into accelerating generative AI and LLMs, best practices and customer experiences to speed the AI journey and more.

Visit Microsoft at booth #1108, to connect with  AI experts, join live discussion sessions at the in-booth theater, get hands-on with the latest technologies via demo pods and the hardware bar and enjoy fresh coffee brewed by Artly the AI coffee bot. Can’t join in-person? Check out Microsoft’s virtual booth, going live on March 18.

Don’t miss Microsoft sessions and panels

At Nvidia GTC, dive into the subjects Microsoft know best: how the right developer tools, application services and supercomputing infrastructure built specifically for AI, and a global team of AI experts, can accelerate AI production, efficiently and securely.

Here’s a look at Microsoft’s featured sessions, talks and panels. Add them to your conference schedule so you don’t miss a thing.

Featured Sessions

  • S63275 Power your AI transformation with the Microsoft Cloud
  • S63277 Unlocking Generative AI in the Enterprise with NVIDIA on Azure
  • S63274 The Next Level of GenAI with Azure OpenAI Service and Copilot
  • S63273 Deep Dive into Training and Inferencing Large Language Models on Azure
  • S63276 Behind the scenes with Azure AI infrastructure

Talks and Panels

  • S61190 The Small Models Revolution
  • S62777 The Role of Generative AI in Modern Medicine
  • S61936 A Deep Dive into Sustainable Cloud Computing
  • S62336 ONNX Runtime: Accelerated AI Deployment for PC Apps
  • S62730 Generative AI Adoption and Operational Challenges in Government
  • S62783 Digitalizing the World’s Largest Industries with OpenUSD and Generative AI
  • S62504 Optimizing Your AI Strategy to Develop and Deploy Novel Deep Learning Models in the Cloud for Medical Image Analysis
  • S62447 Best Practices in Networking for AI: Perspectives from Cloud Service Providers

Get hands-on training

Microsoft is also sponsoring Nvidia Hands-on Training. Attend full-day, instructor-led workshops offered onsite and virtually. Participants will have access to a fully configured GPU-accelerated server in the cloud and the chance to earn an NVIDIA certificate of subject matter competency. And GTC attendees can select from 40 two-hour training lab sessions to get up to speed on the latest technology and breakthroughs.

Join Microsoft at NVIDIA GTC to discover what’s next in AI and accelerated computing. Visit the Microsoft blog for more details and register today.

Learn more about Azure AI and NVIDIA accelerated computing in Azure.

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